FLIES are unwanted housemates that can make for a less than desirable home experience.

That’s why cleaning expert Azure MacCannell has shared affordable household products that will help you banish flies around your trash can.

TikTokAzure MacCannell shared how to rid your trash can of flies[/caption]

TikTokThey poured original Pine-Sol on a sanitary pad and sticked it to the inside of their trash can lid[/caption]

If you have flies buzzing around your dustbin, in a social media video, MacCannell said you should get yourself some original Pine-Sol which can be purchased on Amazon.

The original formula contains pine oil, while in recent years the new formula does not.

When purchasing Pine-Sol, MacCannell goes for the original formula as the pine oil in it is what gets rid of flies and keeps them from coming back.

The Pine-Sol method works because flies can’t stand the smell of pine oil.

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To achieve MacCannell’s hack, pour some original Pine-Sol on a sanitary pad and stick it to the inside of your trash can lid.

With this combination, you should be able to keep the flies at bay.

The Pine-Sol can also be diluted and put in a spray bottle to spray areas of interest around the house.

Some viewers in the comments section of MacCannell’s video confirmed that Pine-Sol works in the battle against flies.

“I do this and it works. It does keep the flies away. I don’t soak a pad but I spray the trash around the lid and it works,” one person shared.

“I just spray from a spray bottle every few days and I don’t have any,” a second person backed the spraying method.

Other spectators shared alternative methods they’ve come across for getting rid of flies.

“Pour a generous amount of table salt in [the] trash can too, it works,” wrote one.

“I just spray insecticide in the cans when I’m spraying the windows,” another said.

“If your garbage can [has] flies either it needs to be emptied out, or washed out, or both,” a third advised.

“I [saw] another video like this but they used vinegar,” a final person said.

TikTokWhen purchasing Pine-Sol, MacCannell goes for the original formula[/caption]

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