FRUIT FLIES have been making an appearance thanks to the hot weather in the UK.

The pesky critters often invade our homes during the summer months – but there’s an easy way to get rid of them.

Dana’s hack means you can trap fruit flies without the stench of vinegar around your hometiktok/@danakayalsepiclife

Dana Kayal, revealed on TikTok a simple solution to trapping fruit flies so they no longer buzz around.

Plenty of hacks to kill the bugs use vinegar – but if you don’t like the scent lingering in your home then Dana’s hack will be welcome.

In the short clip, Dana said she had fruit sitting on the side for an hour without them being attacked by fruit flies thanks to her simple solution.

She shared how using just a banana skin could keep flies away from your produce.



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Dana put the banana peel into a cup and then wrapped it with cling film – poking holes in it with a fork.

This way, the flies can get into the cup through the small holes but struggle to get out.

The banana peel attracts the flies – meaning they won’t be swarming around your house all day.

She zoomed in on the cup and it was full of fruit flies.

She said: “That is all the fruit flies in my house, they’ve gone in there in a matter of 24 hours.”

“No stinky apple cider vinegar smell, just an old banana peel,” she added.

The video has since gone viral with over 600k views, and people were seriously impressed.

One wrote: “So done with apple cider and dish soap. Banana it is, thanks!”

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Another commented: “Cool thank you!! I’ve been using vinegar and soap but they are still everywhere!!

A third penned: “Nice! Never thought to do this! They seem to be attracted to old food more than the vinegar. Lol”

tiktok/@danakayalsepiclifeShe was able to keep fruit out without it being attacked by the pests[/caption]

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