THE Gardeners’ World star is often seen presenting the show from the comfort of his own garden.

And fans of were quick to realise he has relocated. But why did Adam Frost move house? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why did Adam Frost move house?

Viewers of Gardener’s World have been invited into Adam’s garden space for a number of years – as he filmed from his spectacular three-acre backyard in Lincolnshire.

His previous property boasted a wonderful wildflower meadow, a beehive, two small but charming ponds and a vegetable garden.

However, Adam and his family made the decision to move on to greener pastures – and here’s why.

On the programme, he told viewers: “Like so many of us over the last couple of years, I had time to just stop and think – probably, in reality for the first time since I was about 16 years old – and realised that my life is slightly chaotic.

Adam invited viewers of the BBC show to see his new outdoor space

“So as a family, we’ve just decided to scale back, so I can spend more time with them – but it does mean I’ve got a smaller garden.”

His new stripped-back outdoor space features a promising rectangular lawn space and grey paving slabs.

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But there’s no doubt his years of horticultural experience will come in handy – as he revealed that he already has plans to create a new vegetable garden in a spot where the sun will be shining for the majority of the day.

And plans on visiting other gardens for inspiration – ready to create his new dream outdoor space.

Who is Adam Frost?

Adam Frost, born September 1969 – is a British garden designer.

He is best know for his successes at the Chelsea Flower Show and as a presenter on the BBC’s Gardeners’ World.

Before he entered the world of TV – Adam worked for North Devon Parks Department and then he moved to London, to work as a landscaper

His big break came when he worked with Geoff Hamilton at his garden at Barnsdale, Rutland.

In 2014, Adam played an instrumental role in setting up the Homebase Garden Academy – a programme that offers people aged 16 and above the chance to learn from Frost about garden planning and design.

He is also a Royal Horticultural Society ambassador and an author – his book Real Gardens tells the journey of his award-winning Chelsea gardens.

He is married to his wife, Sulina Frost – and the couple are proud parents to four children, sons Jacob and Oakley, as well as daughters Abi-Jade and Amber-Lily.

What TV shows has Adam Frost been on?

Outside of his presenting role on BBC’s Gardeners’ World – Adam has appeared in a couple of planting programmes over the years.

His TV titles include – RHS Flower Show Tatton Park and RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

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