IT’S Never Mind the Blond-locks for this baby with a natural mohawk like Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten’s.

Mum Nicolle Green, 41, says Emerson Blake Nutley’s hair started sticking up at a few days old.

Kennedy NewsA baby resembles a pint-sized punk rocker with his natural mohawk[/caption]

Bridgeman ImagesSix-weeks-old Emerson Blake Nutley saw his hair sticking up at a few days old, resembling Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten’s[/caption]

The pint-sized punk, now six weeks, stuns strangers.

Business owner Nicolle, of Lewes, East Sussex, said: “They peer into the pram and say, ‘Oh what a cute baby.’

“And then I push the hood back . . . 

“They see the hair and then you have to talk to them about it for ten minutes.

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“It happens on a daily basis when I’m out and about with him, it’s constant.

“He gets a lot of attention when we go out. It’s almost like going out with a celebrity.”

Kennedy NewsMum Nicolle Green, 41, reveals ‘He gets a lot of attention when we go out’[/caption]

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