MAKE-UP is great to give your natural beauty a little boost or to change up your look and enhance your confidence.

But some people manage to completely transform their look with the use of cosmetics and they are barely recognisable with the slap.

TikTokStunning Hannah Stocking showed off a number of glammed up pictures[/caption]

TikTokShe joked that her boyfriend only sees her looking like this four times a year[/caption]

TikTokShe then joked that she looks far more relaxed the other days of the year[/caption]

TikToker Hannah Stocking joked that she was a “catfish queen” because of the dramatic change in her appearance once she has glammed up.

She showed a few pictures of herself looking preened and pampered followed by a short clip of herself at home, fresh faced.

The influencer uploaded a video where she showed a series of stunning snaps of herself with a full face of make-up and sleek, styled hair.

She then showed herself with her hair pulled back and no make up at all.

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I’m a proud catfish…everyone wants to know my makeup secrets that fool men


I thought I had met the one – but I was being catfished by an old Romeo

She captioned the short clip with: “I’m the catfish queen.”

People were quick to comment on the short video.

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One person said: “No matter what you look like you’re still a very lovely person.”

Another joked: “Four times a year seems excessive… you’re making the rest of us look bad.”

A third said: “Still gorgeous either way to be honest.”

Another added: “Gorgeous no matter what.”

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