ANY parent will agree that there are certain taboo subjects that you don’t admit to, whether that’s having a favourite child or actually disliking your kids sometimes.

But one mum has confessed to the ultimate taboo – admitting that she regrets having her son, and is no longer sure she even loves him.

GettyA mum has confessed to the ultimate taboo that she no longer loves her son[/caption]

The anonymous woman took to a Facebook group dedicated to parents who regret having kids and shared her true feelings about becoming a mum.

In her post she explained that she had always believed that she would make a great mum having grown up desperate for children.

She wrote: “I have always loved children. And the older I got, the more I grew to love and empathise with kids. I thought that I was the best candidate to be a mom. 

“I am a Psychology graduate, I know how important one’s childhood is and how it greatly impacts us as adults. 

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“I am resourceful, energetic and compassionate. But all of those traits don’t belong to me as a mother. It is the most confusing thing.”

The mum went on to explain that she felt like she was putting on an act when it came to her son.

She said: “I can’t even really say I love my son because I’m not sure. Is this what love is? Doing the bare minimum to keep someone alive? 

“I would think that if I loved him I would try to always go above and beyond to make sure that he’s comfortable and happy. But I only do that when others are watching me. And even then I do it begrudgingly.”

Fellow group members had plenty of sympathy for the woman, sharing their messages of support in the comments.

One wrote: “Sometimes we begrudgingly do the bare minimum to keep them alive. 

“Sometimes we see their smiles and cant help smiling with them and feeling our hearts fill with joy.”

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Another agreed adding: “Us parents can’t be the model parent all the time. Being irritated and annoyed is the reality of parenting.”

While a third wrote: “Love is doing what needs to be done.”

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