FOUND yourself twiddling your thumbs this sunny Saturday? Well we’ve got just the thing to keep you and your brain busy.

In honour cycle to work day Fletchers Group have created the below brainteaser. 

Fletchers GroupCan you spot all ten bicycles in and motorbikes in less than a minute?[/caption]

Hidden within the busy city scene are ten cyclists on push-bikes and motorbikes – can you find them all in under a minute?

Depicting a bird’s eye view of a town, it will take an eagle-eyed viewer to spot the two-wheeled vehicles in this busy scene.

As well as the bikes there are also plenty of cars, ambulances and pedestrians dotted about the scene making it difficult to pin down the missing bikes.

Those with hawk-eye vision should be able to find all ten in under a minute, so can you break the record?

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While this brainteaser is fun to work out, it has an important message; it’s crucial that all road users are aware of cyclists and motorcyclists on the road, as everyone has their part to play in keeping our roads safe. 

Commenting on the brainteaser, a spokesperson at Fletchers Group said:

“It’s great to see more people taking up cycling as a hobby, or to commute to work, and it is also evident that there has been a shift in transport behaviour since the pandemic.”

“However, it’s crucial that all road users are prepared for an increased number of two wheeled vehicles on the road and are aware of the common situations that can result in an accident and injury to a vulnerable road user.

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“We can all do our bit to make our roads safer for both cyclists and drivers alike.”

In light of Cycle to Work Day, a spokesperson at Fletchers Group has commented on the most common accident scenarios that cyclists and motorcyclists face on the road and how they can be avoided.

Fletchers GroupEagle-eyed viewers will be able to break the record[/caption]

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