YOU have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the deadly snake hidden in the undergrowth ready to strike.

The sneaky serpent has expertly camouflaged itself on the forest floor while laying in wait for its prey.

RedditCan you spot where the deadly copperhead snake is hiding in this image?[/caption]

The cunning copperhead had social media users scratching their heads after they were left baffled by the brainteaser.

The image shows a seemingly innocent build-up of fallen beige leaves on the woodland floor.

But the ordinary-looking image has proved a stark warning for nature lovers to watch every step they take when exploring.

The deadly snake proved it was a master of disguise by completely concealing itself among the undergrowth.

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The pic had some people worried about their vision as they were unable to locate it after a number of minutes.

But did you manage to spot it?

In the centre of the image, next to a lone green leaf, the terrifying copperhead can be seen casually waiting for its lunch.

The stunning pattern of its skin can be seen if you look close enough, as the differentiating colour stands out from the neutral background.

The majority of social media users admitted they had to look in the comment section to discover where the snake was lurking.

One Reddit user joked: “Well either nothing is there or I’m dead from stepping on it.”

Another wrote: “I’ve seen this image posted before, knew exactly what to look for and vaguely where I needed to look for it…. still took over a minute of searching before I found it.”

And a third chimed in: “I had to scan the whole damn picture as if looking at a prep under a microscope. Only then.”

But other eagle-eyed users claimed to have conquered the brain teaser.

One commented: “Center of photo, just below middle. Copperhead snake.

“Who is so scared that he both blends seamlessly into the forest floor and has deadly defense mechanisms.”

RedditThe sneaky snake was situated directly in the middle of the baffling brain teaser[/caption]

A second user said: “Directly in the middle, you should see a triangle pattern that slightly stands out.

“It’s small but noticeable once you know the pattern and slightly lighter color.”

Copperheads unsurprisingly get their quirky name from their bronze-hued heads and can grow up to four feet in length.

The species can administer an extremely painful bite but it is almost never fatal to humans.

They give no warning signs and strike almost immediately if they feel threatened.

They have hemotoxic venom, which means that a copperhead bite results in temporary tissue damage in the immediate area of the bite.

Copperhead snakes are the most common type of snake throughout the United States.

We previously challenged readers to spot this scary reptile that had perfectly hidden itself among a pile of leaves.

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