YOU don’t need to be a bride to know that organising a wedding quickly gets VERY expensive.

So when this woman’s husband popped the question last year, she didn’t think twice about her best friend – who is also a professional photographer – to take the photos.

GettyThe bride-to-be rejects ever asking her best friend to take photos at her wedding [stock image][/caption]

Posting on Reddit’s Am I The A****** forum, the recent bride explained how her close friend has “always been weird” about her relationship and acted “superior” to her husband.

After she announced her engagement, the woman says her maid of honour’s behaviour only intensified.

“She was always like, ‘oh i’m so single, no guy wants me, nobody understands me, he has to be skinny, good looking, rich, funny’,” the bride explained.

When it came to planning her wedding, it was a no-brainer that her best friend of 12 years was going to be her maid of honour.

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But in hindsight, the bride says she should have known how she’d act on the wedding day based on her behaviour at the hen party.

She continued: “She threw me a bachelorette party and I was the only one with a super small t-shirt (basically a child’s size) that she made for us all.

“She knows my shirt size, my pants size, everything and she just laughed it off saying, ‘oh I don’t know how that happened.’

“I didn’t want a party (she knew that) but I did have fun at it I just didn’t enjoy it. She did, got drunk and it’s just a sour memory I have now.”

When her big day rolled around, the bride made it very explicit that she wanted a small “picnic-themed” wedding where all of the guests just wore trainers.

However, the woman claims her best friend “lashed out” when she asked her not to wear heels… and that’s not even the worst part.

She continued: “Every single picture, all 300+ of them, are blurry and unrecognisable.

A relative told me she subconciously sabotaged me and she’s not even sorry for anything because she doesn’t want anyone to be happy

“She was not drunk during the ceremony.

“She brushed it off [by saying]: ‘Sorry, I just move too much, I’m a very active photographer, you don’t really need pictured anyway.’

“All we have are six pictures taken from my father’s phone.”

Unsurprisingly, the bride has been left devastated by her friend’s behaviour.

She wrote: “A relative told me she subconciously sabotaged me and she’s not even sorry for anything because she doesn’t want anyone to be happy. All of her friends are single.”

Despite everything that has happened, the bride says she’s feeling guilty for giving away the plates her former best friend gave her as a wedding present – even though she knew they weren’t to her taste.

One forum member replied: “She was jealous of your relationship so she ruined your wedding photos and your friendship.

“Honestly, I would leave bad reviews on everything possible about the photos and her response to warn others how she is. That is far from professional.”

Another added: “Once a gift is given, it’s yours to do with as you wish.

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“From the sound of it, she bought you the plates with her taste in mind anyway, not yours.”

“You gave away the wrong gift,” a third said. “You should have given away her ‘friendship’.”

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