IF you want your home to look fabulous, you’ve come to the right place.

London based interior experts, MOC Architecture, known on TIkTok as ‘momentofchange’ have taken to the social media platform to reveal the things that are making your home look cheap.

GettyAccording to the experts at MOC Architecture, there are 11 things that are making your home look cheap and tacky[/caption]

GettyThese experts claimed that messy cables instantly make your home look tacky[/caption]

GettyIf you want your home to look chic, the experts claim you must avoid over the door hangers at all costs[/caption]

So if you want your family and friends to be impressed with your home decor, these are the things you must avoid, to ensure your home doesn’t look tacky.

The Architecture company posted a three-part series on the “things that make your home look cheap”, and don’t worry, it seems that many, if not all of us, will fall into this trap in one way shape or form.

So if you’ve got a crushed velvet sofa in your living room, or your stairs are covered in family photos, prepare to be attacked. 

According to the experts, the following 11 things make their “eyes bleed” and “it’s time to get rid of them”.

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These experts claim that the following household items are making your home look tacky: “Multiple type hangers, messy cables, back door hangers and bad lighting.”

Not only this but, “Vertical blinds, fairy lights (except Christmas season), chaotic staircase photo gallery and even empty staircase walls” are making your home look tacky too, according to these experts.

And what’s more, if you have “Stretch sofa covers, short curtains or crushed velvet sofas”, these experts would label your home as very cheap looking.

The interior design experts’ videos have racked up a total of 892.9k views. 

Their first video, introducing the tacky home subject, has 10.4k likes, 116 comments and 228 shares. 

Many TikTok users admitted to owning a lot of the items mentioned in the comments.

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One person said: “Oh well. I guess I’m just cheap.”

Another added: “I got all of those.” 

A third commented: “I feel personally called out by this post.” 

Lots of people agreed with some of the tips – with many revealing their hate for door hangers.

One TikTok user claimed: “These back door hanger things are the most annoying thing ever created. The way they clatter about and make the door harder to close and rip off paint.” 

Someone else noted: “The door hangers are hideous. Can’t stand doors that don’t open properly because there’s a dressing gown hanging on the back.”

However, not everyone was as impressed with the tips, with many disagreeing with the points made. 

One user said: “I actually think it’s cute when people have photo walls. Not everyone wants a house to look like a hotel.”  

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Someone else commented: “The home is where the heart belongs, not money and prestige.” 

A third slammed: “Architects are irrelevant!!!! Enjoy what makes you feel happy.”

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