BUTTON up shirts can be styled more than one way ⁠— and one fashion guru has revealed a clever way to do so.

Style inspiration Lina Noory has taken to social media to share how a regular button up shirt can be transformed into a totally different look.

In a video, posted to TikTok earlier this week, Lina opens up about her new favorite fashion hack to her followers.

The 15-second clip shows Lina putting on what appears to be a silky-textured black button up, while she explains how to create the new look.

As Post Malone’s ‘I Like You’ (A Happier Song) plays in the background, Lina says: “Here’s my new favorite fashion hack for button up shirts.

“First you put one arm in it backwards and then you twist the other part in the center, just like that.”

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“Then you put both arms in, button down the top all the way, tuck in the collar and the waist,” Lina adds.

As she steps away from the camera to show off her complete look, she concludes: “I’m so obsessed with this hack … You definitely have to try it out.”

Lina paired the top with white pants, hoop earrings, black pumps, and a small purse.

The TikTok user, who has more than 600,000 followers on the platform, received hundreds of comments in support of the simple hack.

Lina also noted that the top and pants, both from Zara, are currently in stop and available to purchase at the store.

One fan commented: “Wowww you look amazing love this hack.

“And you have a unique sense of fashion.”

Another said: “If ‘think outside of the box’ were a person.”

“Until you arrive home after a bottomless brunch and full days drinking and try to undress,” a third TikTok user said.

In response to the “brunch” comment, Lina explained: “Haha actually you can just pull your head out over! I didn’t button the very top button by the collar.”

Earlier this year, the savvy fashion lover figured out a simple trick to make sure no one can see what color bra you’re wearing with a one-shoulder top.

The Los Angeles-based beauty lover demonstrated in another quick clip a few steps to take when trying to hide your bra straps – whilst also ensuring the support is there, according to her.

The first step, she explained, is wearing a bra as you would normally but with the ”visible” strap on the loosest setting.

This should be loose enough for you to then be able to pull it over your head on the opposite side of your shoulder, Lina said whilst wearing a black one-shoulder top in front of the camera.

Once done, simply pull your arm through and place the strap across the bra horizontally, making sure it’s tucked into your bra.

”And just like that you have the support and a no-bra look,” the expert revealed the end result.

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And one fashion fan has taken to Instagram to reveal a life-changing tuck hack.

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