GETTING tattooed can be something of a risky business – but usually those who are disappointed can eventually get their tattoo covered by a new one.

Sadly for one TikToker Ally K this didn’t quite work out the way she hoped, with her saying she now needs to get another coverup for her coverup.

The original tattoo that Ally wanted to get covered

What she ended up

In a clip shared to her account @allyklem she shows her original tattoo, a heart and some roman numerals behind her ear.

She then shares what she asked for, which is some flowers, in the same spot – and while she did get a flower it wasn’t exactly what she asked for.

And to make matters worse, the original tattoo could still be seen underneath, even more so when the coverup began to fade a little in the months following.

After her video went viral, the tattoo artist actually got in contact with Ally, which she shares in an update video.



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In this video she says that the artist said he was having a bad day mentally, and he’ll give her her money back if she takes the video down.

Ally points out that if he was having a bad day he shouldn’t have tattooed her, and could have just said he was fully booked, but she does agree to take the video down once she gets her money back.

However, the money, $150 plus tip, was never returned, and her original video remains up.

In her update she also explains that she’d originally wanted a black and white tattoo but the tattooist had added colour without even discussing it with her first.

Comments on both videos are rather divided, with some suggesting that Ally should take part of the blame for the tattoo.

One such commenter wrote: “Not on their side or anything, but you agreed to that outline?”

“Why did you approve the stencil?” questioned another.

Some commenters pointed out that her original idea actually wouldn’t have worked as a coverup – but then again, it seems neither did the tattoo she ended up with.

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One commenter, who sided with Ally, wrote: “He just did colour without you knowing?!?!?!? And THAT was $150?! Yeah def bad business on their part. I’m sorry that happened to you.”

And a second argued: “If the artist couldn’t do it they should’ve told you so you could find someone who could.”

Ally shows the style of tattoo she actually asked the coverup looked like after healing[/caption]

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