THE majority of us will know the struggle of attempting to get our eyebrows to look perfect.

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally beautiful eyebrows, we are very envious of you, but most of us are bound to have spent many hours sitting in front of a mirror struggling to get our eyebrows to cooperate.

TikTok user Sylvia revealed that when she was just 16-years-old, she discovered she was allergic to eyebrow

Sylvia was left with scars and eyebrows that don’t grow back properly – so uses eyebrow stencils

Sylvia sticks on her stencils every week and you would never know they weren’t real eyebrow

While one may look great, it’s likely that the other one doesn’t want to play ball, with many of us finding ourselves feeling very frustrated. 

But one woman doesn’t have this problem – and no, she hasn’t forked out hundreds of pounds to get her eyebrows microbladed. 

And she doesn’t have them done professionally every week either. 

The beauty fan, named Sylvia and known on TikTok as ‘sylviasaraa’, revealed that when she was just 16-years-old she burnt her eyebrows, leaving her with permanent scars.

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Sylvia attempted to tint her eyebrows at home, herself, but things went terribly wrong when she discovered after 40 minutes of having the tint on her face, that she was in fact allergic. 

Sylvia’s face was left burnt as a result, and due to the scarring and the damage caused, Sylvia’s eyebrows now don’t grow back properly.

But rather than letting the beauty disaster get Sylvia down, Sylvia has taken it in her stride and now uses an eyebrow stencil to get her eyebrows looking gorgeous.

Sylvia explained: “I was 16 when I was tinting my eyebrows for the first time.

“I didn’t know I was allergic to the tint.

“So when I put it on it started burning immediately and I thought it was normal.

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“I left the tint on for 40 minutes and thought that was normal too.

“When I took it off I was so red and it left a burn mark on my face.

“I grow hairs there, but really few, thin and short hairs and nothing I can work with.” 

Sylvia has posted a variety of videos explaining her eyebrow situation and in one video, the beauty fan shared her quick eyebrow tutorial. 

Firstly, Sylvia gets an eyebrow stencil, cuts it to shape and sticks it to her face above her eyes.

She then sets it with water and after a few seconds, removes the stencil to reveal the stunning eyebrows.

Sylvia then fills in the eyebrows with a dipbrow product and perfects them with concealer. 

Admiring the finished look, she says: “And voila. It stays on for 1- 1 ½ weeks.” 

Sylvia’s eyebrow story has gained her 14.6k followers and 2.1million likes.

Her eyebrow tutorial video in particular has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 13.3million views in just under two weeks of being on TikTok.

It has 1.8million likes, 7,678 comments and 16.7k shares. 

Many beauty fans loved Sylvia’s eyebrows and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Omg they look so real.”

Another added: “The way they’re literally perfect.”

A third commented: “What in the magic!? Those look amazing!!!!”

What’s more, lots of TikTokers revealed they were so impressed, it made them feel tempted to shave off their eyebrows and give Sylvia’s tutorial a try. 

One TikToker admitted: “Me actually debating shaving my eyebrows off so mine can look this good.” 

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Someone else stated: “I wish I had no eyebrows just to try this.” 

Another said: “This makes me wanna shave my eyebrows off and use these.”

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