STREAMING platform Twitch is a great place to share an epic gaming journey with friends, or just dip in to watch a pro work their magic.

But what are “gifted subs” and where can you buy them? Here’s all you need to know.

What is a gifted sub on Twitch?

Launched in 2011, Twitch is a live-streaming platform that let’s content creators and gamers connect with new audiences and build a community.

Users can broadcast what they’re doing, allowing viewers to watch along and comment on the action.

“Subs” allow users to pay a monthly or one off fee to access to streamers’ custom “emotes”, or emoticons, and other benefits streamers can set.

Gifted subscriptions are slightly different, and allow viewers to give a one-month subscription to another viewer on your channel.

Gifted subscriptions are slightly different to regular subs, and allow viewers to give a one-month subscription to another viewer on your channel

According Twitch’s website, gifted subscriptions support “your channel just like a typical sub and gift recipients have the option to become a regular subscriber after their first month expires.

“As your channel grows, gift subscriptions are a great way for your biggest fans to help grow your community”.



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How much is a gifted sub on Twitch?

Gifted subs cost the same as regular subs on the platform.

They’re split out into tiers, with the lowest tier costing £3.99.

Subs were originally £4.99 in the UK and $4.99 in the US, but the price of subs in Europe was dropped by 20% in 2021, making the price fairer for Brit gamers.

Where can I buy gifted subscriptions on Twitch?

To buy a gifted sub, simply do the following steps:

Click the Subscribe button below the stream you’re watchingSelect “Gift a Sub” Select which tier-level of subscription you want to pass onChoose the amount you’d like to gift (this can be between 1 and 100)

Gifting to a specific user

You can send one to a specific user by selecting “Gift to a Specific Viewer”, This can be done anonymously by selecting – you guessed it – ‘Gift Anonymously’

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Gifting via chat

You can also gift a subscription to someone by clicking their name in the chat.

To do so:

Select the user you want to send it toPress / click the “Gift a Sub” buttonSelect your preferred tier, and the duration of the gift (this can be one, three, six or 12 months.

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