A COUPLE who outgrew their home when they had three kids decided to add a tiny house in their garden.

After building the original home 20 years ago, Brett and Kristy Dolenc didn’t want to move to a bigger space and didn’t want to spend a fortune on an extension.

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThe family spent £55k on the tiny house[/caption]

Adding a tiny house to their garden was the perfect solution for the family and meant their teen daughters would have somewhere that was still connected to the main house with added privacy.

Mum-of-three Kristy told Tiny House Giant Journey: “For years we were feeling the squeeze in our house and sharing rooms, it’s fine when kids are little but they older they get it’s harder.”

They forked out £55k for the tiny home, but it was worth every penny as far as they’re concerned.

After some research they loved how customisable the tiny homes could be, which meant that their daughters, Lucie and Marin, could make the project their own.

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“For me this has been the absolute perfect answer, it’s exceeded our expectations,” Kirsty says.

“This is their little refuge, so it’s worked out beautifully because it’s close and attached to our house now, so it still feels like part of the house, but also a little separate.”

It took the builders six months to build and deliver the house, now it blends in perfectly with the rest of the property.

Inside, the home is surprisingly spacious and both girls have their own bedroom as well as a bathroom and living space.

Lucie says: “We have a good sized corner shower and a sink and vanity.

“We were able to get a pretty good sized bathroom in our tiny house, I’m used to not having a huge bathroom so it’s been an easy adjustment.”

To solve the storage problem, they added cupboards under the stairs, which the girls use as wardrobe space.

“I have enough room but can’t have a limitless amount of clothes, I always need to be getting rid of some,” Lucie says.

Her bedroom is in the loft of the tiny home and her sister’s is downstairs to give them both their own space.

On the other end of the loft there’s a living area with pull out beds so they’re friends can sleep over as well.

The best part is because the house is mobile they can move it further away from the house as the get older.

Brett says: “We can repurpose the space for another need at a later date.

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“Some of the things we’ve talked about is using it as an office space or a guest house, maybe our daughters could take it to college at use it as a residence.

“It gives us a lot of flexibility and versatility, we made an investment and we can use it in many ways in the future.”

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThe tiny house is attached to the main home for now[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyInside there’s plenty of room for the girls to live[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThey each have their own bedrooms[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThere’s a small living area[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThe bathroom is bigger than you might think[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThe second bedroom is cosy[/caption]

Youtube / Tiny House Giant JourneyThe family love the tiny house[/caption]

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