A GRAN savaged by a psycho seagull was left looking like a victim of horror film slasher Freddy Krueger.

Brenda Thrumble, 66, was ambushed as she walked home from the shops.

Brenda Thrumble, 66, was savaged by a psycho seagull as she walked home

Brenda was left covered in blood after the gull clawed her at her head

The gull swooped in from behind and clawed at her head, gouging holes in her skin so she looked like she had been cut up by A Nightmare on Elm Street’s blade-fingered Freddy.

Battered Brenda said: “It came at me from behind so there was no way of expecting anything. It instantly drew blood, it went at me with its claws rather than beak.

“There were lots of little holes where it had clawed at me. I looked like something from a Freddy Krueger film.

“Blood was pouring out, down my face, top and on to my toes. It was a right old nightmare and not a good experience.



Grandad left bloodied and battered after being attacked by psycho SEAGULL


Our life is being made a misery by psycho seagulls – we have to carry brooms

“I was frightened of it coming at me again. I’m happy to have lived to tell the tale.”

Brenda hid in a bush after Wednesday’s attack at Broadstairs, Kent. She was led to safety by a neighbour in a motorbike helmet and treated by paramedics at the scene.

She reckons the seagull was protecting a nearby nest.

Brenda said: “I’d be nervous of what it could do to a dog or to little children.”

Moviestore CollectionBrenda says she looked like a Freddy Krueger victim after the ordeal[/caption]

GettyThe gran reckons the seagull was protecting a nearby nest[/caption]

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