PARENTS are panicking over a pool photo that has revealed a little-known danger for your kids when swimming.

In the snap, a nearly-invisible child disappears into a bright blue pool because of the colour of their swimwear.

FacebookThe photo, uploaded to a Australian Facebook page, prompted a flood of horrified responses from parents[/caption]

FacebookA slightly darker patch in the water was all that suggested a child was beneath the surface[/caption]

At first glance it seems the parent on the poolside seems to have taken a photo of nothing. The water looks empty and clear.

But a second image with a red circle draws attention to a darker patch of water – a nearly impossible-to-spot clue showing where there’s a child swimming.

The kid is so invisible because of their bright blue costume and seems to have completely vanished to the parent supervising.

The terrifying photo was first shared in the Australian Facebook group CPR Kids, which is run by registered nurses, to desperately warn parents about the little-known danger of bright swimwear.

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Nurse Sarah Hunstead also said it was “vital” to “actively supervise” kids and learn CPR.

The advice is invaluable as parents look to take their children swimming in the UK’s hot summer weather or scramble to get abroad this school holidays.

And multiple mums and dads have expressed their gratitude for the stark warning, with hundreds of people sharing and commenting on the image.

“That is so scary! I couldn’t see the child at all,” one woman said. 

“Oh my god, how terrifying,” another said.

A third wrote: “This makes me feel sick.”

Many concerned parents pointed out that brightly coloured swimwear was hard to come across when shopping for their children – particularly their boys.

“Would be great if you could tell the manufacturers of swim wear!” One wrote.

“Once kids get to 7yr it’s all blue/black/white.”

Others following the group vowed to dress their children only in fluorescent, or neon swimwear, after seeing the worrying photo.

“All future swimwear is going to be hideous and fluoro,” one mum tagged her husband and wrote. 

Nurse and director of CPR Kids Sarah Hunstead told Daily Mail Australia it was imperative for parents to “actively supervise” their children if they were in or around the pool.

“When it comes to supervision, you always need to remember that even though there may be lots of people around, they’re not necessarily looking at the kids,” she said.

“The “active” is what’s important. 

“That means you’re not reading, you’re not on your phone, you’re not chatting to anyone else.”

A mother, who had experienced a sobering incident beside a pool over the weekend, highlighted the silent, deadly nature of childhood drowning in the comments section of the photo.

She had been sitting by the edge of the pool watching her child play, she said, when a man seated nearby suddenly jumped into the water.

“He grabbed my child before I had even realised he was struggling,” she wrote. 

“My child never made a sound. I was within arms reach and was distracted in thought.” 

Official advice from Royal Life Saving Australia recommended that groups of adults allocated a designated ‘pool watcher’ when around kids playing in the water.

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Their job would solely be to keep an eye on the children.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under five in Australia.

Facebook CPR KidsThe Facebook group CPR kids, which was run by nurses, advised parents to opt for bright and colourful swimwear[/caption]

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