COMING up with the perfect baby name isn’t always an easy task for new parents, and that’s why hundreds of baby name books have been published over the years.

One mom chose to give her daughter a common enough name with a very complicated spelling – and TikTokers are trolling her for it.

GettyA mom on TikTok is facing some criticism for the way she’s chosen to spell her child’s name[/caption]

She spells Ivy using the letters “Iveagh” – and people are judging heavilyTikTok

TikToker Jayke posted a video questioning a baby name she came across.

Iveagh is the name spelling a mother settled with – although it’s supposed to be pronounced Ivy.

Jayke’s video pans over a nursery where the name is spelled out in large, capitalized letters.

She jokingly added a caption saying: “It’s like if you say Ivy, but cough at the same time.”

Her comment section is filled with people who aren’t very amused though.

Most commentators simply don’t understand why she would go with such a different spelling.

One person wrote: “The spelling is so unnecessary.”

“Wouldn’t this be more I-vay? I’m confused with spelling,” someone else asked.

A third user asked: “Why is it fun to spell names differently? I’m not hating, I just don’t get it.”

“Ivy is pretty as it is. Why do people do this?” someone else questioned.

Another TikToker wrote: “My name isn’t completely unique but the spelling has caused me issues my whole life. I really feel for little Iveagh, she’ll be correcting people.”

“As an Emily spelled Emmaly, I sympathize with the little girl,” someone else added.

Another person said: “She’s in for a world of stress over that name. And the teachers… it’s a beautiful name but she’s going to get sick of being asked how to pronounce it.”

GettySome TikTokers believe that her daughter will have a difficult time with her name spelling once she gets older[/caption]

“That poor baby. Beautiful name, tragic spelling,” another user wrote in.

People trying to make sense of Jayke’s baby naming decision have chimed in as well.

One person wrote: “In the comments of [another] video, she states that it’s a common spelling in Ireland and it’s close to her and her husband!”

Someone wrote back: “It’s the spelling in Ireland for territory, not a name for a child. It’s also not pronounced ‘Ivy’ in that case.”

Although Jakye isn’t the mother who chose this interesting spelling, she still noticed the negative response she received from the TikTok community for posting the video and wrote back to anyone who commented.

She said: “Everyone: I too have a ‘uniquely’ spelled name and this video was meant to be silly and not mean. I just know what Iveagh is in for.”

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