THE world of fast fashion almost exclusively caters to smaller chested women.

If you wear anything above a D cup, then you know the struggle of trying to find cute and supportive tops.

The tops designed by Dolapo for Taideaux are both fashionable and supportiveTikTok

Dolapo designed all Taideaux’s tops and dresses to support and flatter larger chested womenTikTok

Taideaux founder Dolapo, who wears a size US 32J/K, started the inclusive company when she became frustrated with the lack of options for her cup size.

Dolapo’s company stocks sizes 4-16, and are hoping to expand their line soon.

“For far too long, the fashion industry has ignored and excluded fuller bust women by designing pieces without considering our figures,” Dolapo said on the company’s website.

Promoting Taideaux’s range on TikTok, Dolapo told followers: “If you’re having big boob problems, we feel bad for you girl.”

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The cute and fashionable range includes a variety of blouses and tops with supported chest areas.

Viewers loved the Claudette Lavender Fuller Bust Midi Sundress, available for $157.

Other popular items included the $91 ‘Alyssa’ Ruby Fuller Bust Corset Top and the $84 ‘Lilah’ White Fuller Bust Balloon Sleeve Corset Top.

Fans of the company took to the Instagram comments section to share their thoughts on the fashionable attire.

“I have finally found my people,” commented one impressed TikTok user.

A second person agreed with this sentiment. They wrote: “Finally it’s my turn to be happy!!!”

“OMG I’ve been waiting for this one, yesss,” said another viewer.

One fan of the Taideaux brand commented: “This store was made for me.”

Taideaux’s dresses have corset boning on the front to provide additional support to the chest areaTikTok

Taideaux’s site provides specific bra recommendations for each look as well as a gallery which shows models of different sizes wearing the itemsTikTok

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