BEN Mitchell has finally opened up to hardman dad Phil about his harrowing rape ordeal during emotional scenes on EastEnders.

The past several weeks have seen the troubled EastEnders character struggling with the aftermath of being raped by barman Lewis, leading to shocking scenes when he collapsed after taking drugs.

Ben Mitchell was rushed to hospital following a horrific overdose and left EastEnders viewers reaching for the tissues as he opened up to hardman Phil about the ordeal.

And in Thursday’s double bill of the BBC soap, Phil took extra care to tell his son that he supported him after the horrific sexual assault.

“Why did I do all them drugs, go to all them parties? Why do you think? I did because when I did that I didn’t have to think about anything else,” Ben said.

Ben ordered his father to leave, but Phil remained by his side and insisted he wanted to support his son. Phil admitted he’d looked away, just as he had when Stella was abusing Ben as a child.

“I couldn’t handle it,” Phil confessed, before promising: “I’m listening now and I believe you. I believe you were raped.”

But a vengeful Phil wants to make Lewis pay for his crimes – but Kathy and co are having none of it.

Will Phil get his chance to exact revenge against rapist Lewis?

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