DRIVERS have spotted bargain petrol prices at fuel forecourts and you could save as much as 23p per litre.

Savvy savers shared the pic of petrol prices advertised at 159.7p per litre for unleaded and 175.7p per litre for diesel.

GettyThe price of filling up at the pumps is dropping in many areas[/caption]

That compares to the average price of fuel is 182.77 per litre for unleaded and 193.04 for diesel according to the latest government figures.

Sharing the find on the hotdealsUK website, the driver said: “Costco have reduced fuel again.”

But anyone wanting to fill up on the fuel from Costco faces a catch -you need to be a member.

That will set you back £26.40 a year if you’re a trader or £33.60 for everyone else.

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The saver spotted the prices at Costco in Manchester, but other deal hunters have said they have seen the same price at other locations.

We checked petrol prices at Costco’s 17 petrol station locations and found that many were also selling unleaded for under 160p per litre.

And one Costco location in Birmingham had an even cheaper price of 155.7p per litre.

Birmingham: 155.7Bristol: 159.9Chester: 159.9Coventry: 159.7Derby: 159.7Edinburgh: 159.7Gateshead: 159.7Glasgow: 162.9Haydock: 159.7Leicester: 159.7Liverpool: 158.9Oldham: 158.7Sheffield: 159.9Southampton: 159.7Stevenage: 162.9Thurrock: 158.7Watford: 159.7

According to, the 19.7p per litre price at Costco Manchester is the cheapest in the area within 5miles.

It’s worth checking petrol prices near you so you can get the best price and keep bills down, as they can change regularly.

Petrol prices are falling across the board in recent weeks after hitting record highs giving a little bit of relief to hard-up households facing soaring costs.

Supermarkets including Asda and Morrisons are among the places slashing petrol prices.

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