NAGA Munchetty was back on our screens alongside Charlie Stayt this morning.

But the BBC Breakfast presenter was in hysterics when her co-star struggled to pronounce the word chorizo.

BBC ONENaga Munchetty was amused by her co-star this morning[/caption]

BBC ONECharlie Stayt tried to pronounce the word chorizo – and failed[/caption]

BBC ONEThe co-hosts were looking at today’s newspaper headlines[/caption]

The 47-year-old is used to keeping her cool in difficult situations and when faced with harsh comments from hostile BBC One viewers.

Yet this morning (Friday, August 5), the co-host failed to keep her composure and fell into fits of laughter when the Spanish sausage became a topic of conversation as she was going through today’s newspaper headlines.

Charlie Stayt then announced he wanted to address “things that are just not true.”

The co-host held up a picture of the salami-like meat before attempting multiple variations of the word chorizo.

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“Maybe people have seen this story before, I’ve actually seen it on the internet”, he first claimed.

“There was a picture which apparently was reported to be a picture in deep space and it ended up that in fact it was a slice of chorizo.”

Naga immediately chuckled and, poking fun at him, encouraged him to repeat the word.

“What was it a slice of Charlie?”, she asked to which the latter responded with what seemed like an Italian accent.

He proudly replied: “It was chorizo”, before switching to another European variation.

“Or chorizo”, he added as Naga was laughing away.

Charlie eventually gave up trying to pronounce the word: “You know what I’m saying, it was a piece of sausage basically.”

Instead of trying to perfect the his enunciation, Charlie explained the hoax, telling viewers it had come from a well-respected French scientist and director of research for atomic energy.

The scientist had fooled the Internet with a picture of the sausage and making them believe the snap was a deep space photo.

Due to his pristine reputation, nobody thought twice and immediately believed he was being truthful.

But when they failed to question the picture, the scientist saw he had proven his point.

According to Charlie, the scientist purposely posted the picture as a social experiment.

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This aimed to warn members of the public they shouldn’t believe everything they find online.

BBC Breakfast airs every morning from 6am on BBC One.

BBC ONECharlie explained a scientist hoaxed people into believing the picture of the chorizo came from deep space[/caption]

BBC ONEHis aim was to let people know not to believe everything they find online[/caption]

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