DEPRAVED Ian Huntley exposed his guilt at the brutal Soham killings seven times in just seven seconds while being interviewed by police.

The monster murdered ten-year-old schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman 20 years ago today in a case that horrified the nation.

A body language expert has revealed how Ian Huntley gave his guilt away

The monster murdered Holly Wells, right, and Jessica Chapman, left

Huntley had abducted the pals and murdered them after luring them both to his home in Soham on August 4, 2002.

He then dumped their bodies in a remote ditch, cutting off their clothes and torching their corpses.

During a two-week appeal to find the girls, Huntley gave TV interviews and joined in searches while his then-girlfriend Maxine Carr gave him a false alibi.

Body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley has now revealed the tell-tale signs Huntley displayed in a chilling police interview that exposed him as the double killer.

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Dr Lansley, from the Emotional Intelligence Academy, said the fiend betrayed himself seven times when asked if he had any “physical contact with the girls”.

Huntley shifts in his seat mid-way through the question, then responds: “Physical contact, no.”

Dr Lansley told The Sun Online this a “definite lie” due to the killer’s unconscious “body language leakage”.

He identifies Huntley’s increase in body tension when he clamps his wrist with his other hand.

The expert says: “The clamping of one wrist with one hand is something that often happens when people experience fear or anxiety.

“This freeze response is an evolved behaviour from our primates who learned to survive against predators by clamping up and staying still to avoid being seen.”

Dr Lansley also points out an “increase in manipulators” where he strokes his clamped wrist to “counter a spike in anxiety”.

He says it is not known if Huntley is anxious because he is “fearful of being disbelieved when telling the truth, or fearful of being caught in a lie”.

The monster’s repetition of the question back at police officers also shows he is trying to “buy thinking time” without exposing himself with a wall of silence.

Dr Lansley explains: “This is an ‘evasion’ tactic often used by liars. Sadly for liars, this is one of the 27 reliable deception indicators.”


As the interview continues, Huntley can be seen giving a “single-sided shoulder shrug” , which usually shows someone is “disconnected” from what they are saying.

He also squirms and leans back in his chair, which Dr Lansley explains is a “gestural retreat” that shows Huntley feels “under attack” from the officer asking the question.

Explaining how Huntley’s voice also drops “by around 50 per cent”, Dr Lansley says: “This corroborates the idea that he is distancing himself from his response.

“We are taught as children that lies are bad. So when people tell them they often separate themselves from the words by, subconsciously, lowering the volume.”

The expert also points out how the killer continues shaking his head long after answering “no” to the officer’s question.

He says: “The problem here is that the gesture isn’t synchronized with the word ‘no’, it continues after the response.

“When someone is telling the truth, they simply convey the facts; when people lie they have to, instead, try to convince others that they are truthful.

“This prolonged head shake is a good example of that.”

Holly and Jessica went missing from a family barbecue in the Cambridgeshire village of Soham on August 4, 2002.

Huntley had lured the girls to his house and murdered them before dumping their bodies in woods near RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

He helped with the search for the missing girls but police grew suspicious of his questioning, especially when he asked how long DNA evidence lasts.

The brute, a caretaker at the local Soham Village College, was arrested after the girls’ bodies were discovered 13 days later.

He later admitted he had returned to the site and set fire to their bodies.

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Huntley was convicted in 2003 of the girls’ murders and sentenced to a minimum term of 40 years in jail.

Carr was jailed for perverting the course of justice and released in 2004 with a new identity.

Huntley squirmed his seat as he lied to cops

He also stroked his wrist as a sign of anxiety

Huntley was given two life sentences when he was jailed in 2003

His girlfriend Maxine Carr gave a false alibi to police

The monster pretended to help with the search for the girls

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