THE source of a hum plaguing a village may never be discovered, experts fear.

Specialists are baffled at the cause of the noise, which began in March 2020 and gets louder at night and weekends.

The source of a hum plaguing Holmfield, West Yorkshire may never be discovered, experts fear

Some plan to move after the council said it was unable to discover its source in Holmfield, West Yorkshire.

Yvonne Conner, 52, said of the so-called “Holmfield Hum”: “I quit my job as a charity care worker because I couldn’t cope.

“I got shingles due to stress and it affects my relationship.”

Villagers are convinced it comes from a factory but a trawl around industrial estates proved fruitless.

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Councillor Jenny Lynn told a meeting: “Officers believe they have now exhausted all reasonable lines of inquiry.”

Local hills and valleys made it difficult to locate the source of the noise, she added, which began within days of the first lockdown.

Yvonne, now a dog walker, said: “The council should tell factories to turn everything off one weekend.

“One by one, they should turn them back on and we can work out who’s responsible.”

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