HAVING a baby growing inside you can totally change your body.

And one woman has stunned people on the internet with her pregnant belly after it appeared to look like ‘a literal alien’.

tiktok.com/@ataliaturner22Atalia Turner, 22, stunned people with a video of her baby moving in her stomach[/caption]

tiktok.com/@ataliaturner22The baby can be seen turning around as Atalia lies down[/caption]

Atalia Turner knows how your body can change while pregnant as she is currently pregnant with her third child.

The 22-year-old mum, from Canada, shared her bump in a video on TikTok that has gone viral with an astonishing 28 million views.

In the short clip, the mum filmed her belly while lying in bed next to her snoring partner.

And to everyone’s surprise, the mum caught her baby on camera rolling around in her stomach.



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The baby’s head can be seen moving around in her stomach – leaving many users feeling uncomfortable.

“A literal alien ft the absolutely most annoying snoring,” she captioned the video.

One wrote: “Nah I would be terrified if this happened to me I would be like ”GET IT OUT.”

Another commented: “I know this is a beautiful process… but I just audibly said, “EAUGHHH”, in shock and horror.”

A third said: “Pregnancy scares me.”

Although some viewers were stunned by the baby’s movements, plenty of other people focused their attention on Atlia’s belly button bar.

“That ring holding on for dear life,” one person commented.

Another penned: ” Yeah but there’s basically no skin left to hold it in.”

Atalia responded to viewers focused on her belly button, writing: “THIS IS MY THIRD BABY LOL everyone plz stop saying my belly button doesn’t go back normal cause my other two it did so chances are this one will too.”

tiktok.com/@ataliaturner22Users were stunned by the scenes and couldn’t believe her belly button piercing was still intact[/caption]

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