IT’S simple enough to maintain a youthful appearance when you know which steps to follow.

One woman follows a nightly sleep routine in order to prevent and slow the process of aging – and she’s sharing the details.

TikTokAn anti-aging expert named Isabelle shares the details of her sleep beauty routine[/caption]

TikTokShe suggests falling asleep with a silk eye mask each night[/caption]

TikToker and anti-aging expert Isabelle says the steps she takes before bed have made a huge difference in her looks.

The first thing to do before going to bed is all about hair care.

Isabelle says: “I always sleep with a satin bonnet on my bed, it helps with frizziness, shine, and it just makes your hair look so much better in the mornings.”

You can purchase a similar sleeping bonnet on Amazon for $6.99.

Her second piece of advice is to fall asleep wearing a silk eye mask each night.

“I know I’m wearing a satin on my hair, but on my face… anything that touches [my face] I really prefer silk.

“These are so important, especially for that sensitive skin around your eyes,” she explains.

Silk eye masks cost $8.99 on Amazon.

Next, Isabelle talks about the face patches she wears to bed.

“Silicone patches help fill in any fine lines and really moisturize your skin. You can get them for your face, neck, and chest.

“Pro tip if you want to save a little money: get the chest one because it’s huge, and then you can cut it down to size,” she says.

A pack of silicone patches costs $17.99 on Amazon.

TikTokIsabelle is a huge fan of sleeping with silicone patches to prevent wrinkles[/caption]

TikTokShe also thinks using mouth tape is a great way to prevent aging[/caption]

Finally, Isabelle stresses the importance of using mouth tape.

She says: “Taping your mouth shut before bed is really important for your breathing, your face structure…

“You can reuse it a bunch of times and it doesn’t break you our around the mouth [with acne].

Mouth tape costs $23.99 on Amazon.

Thousands of people have responded in Isabelle’s comment section on TikTok.

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One person wrote: “Silk pillows are great for hair and great for [the] skin. Less risk of acne-triggering bacteria.”

“Mouth tape is really helpful for people who grind their teeth or open-mouth sleep, it can prevent a lot of dental issues as you get older,” someone else added.

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