POSING proud with curves is one plus-size influencer’s specialty.

In a TikTok video, Carobi Parada demonstrates the best way to look confident and snatched.

Carobi Parada demonstrates her go-to poses for curvy womenTikTok / carobiparada

The first pose is holding a purse in front of your belly buttonTikTok / carobiparada

Angles are everything when you’re behind a camera.

Carobi encourages viewers to try posing in four different ways in her recent TikTok.

For a cute candid shot, Carobi demonstrates holding her purse in front of her belly button and looking away from the camera.

Holding the purse in front shifts the point of view from being solely on your midsection when you’re facing the camera straight on.



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Carobi moves on to show simple side poses.

She says: “Hold a large prop while your body faces to the side and face towards the camera.”

This pose will add dimension to your figure.

Carobi uses both a plant and a bouquet in her example.

Next, she encourages viewers to: “Cross your legs and put your arm on a wall/furniture while holding a prop on the other.”

By crossing your legs, your figure looks slimmer.

Carobi holds a flower while grabbing onto the wall next to her.

Lastly, Carobi demonstrates how you should pose sideways while pretending to pick up your pants.

A side view always works best as it isn’t so full on.

Carobi received praise from viewers in the comments.

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“I love your videos so much you make me feel so much more comfortable and confident in myself,” one person wrote.

Another woman expressed her appreciation and commented: “Omg finally someone that has the same body type than me.”

For a side shot, hold a prop in your hands and turn your face towards the cameraTikTok / carobiparada

Carobi says to cross your legs in the front, hold a prop in one hand, and the wall in the otherTikTok / carobiparada

For another side pose, pretend you’re picking up your pantsTikTok / carobiparada

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