A WOMAN has been slammed by her cousin for not giving her daughter her own room so she can use it to make Instagram content.

The cousin became concerned after realising her three-year-old niece was still sharing a room with her parents – despite having a two-bed house.

GettyThe three-year-old can’t have her own room because her mum wants to use it as an influencer room[/caption]

When she confronted the mum she said the trio would sleep in one room forever.

The 25-year-old anonymously took to Reddit to blast the influencer’s decision.

She said: I (25F) have a cousin (34F) “Rose” who is a small-time influencer on Instagram. She has over ten thousand followers for her fashion, lifestyle, and artistic posts where she usually poses in photoshoots.

“This is not her main source of income, but a hobby she does in her spare time. Three years ago, Rose gave birth to my niece “Daisy” (3F) who she adores and they currently co-sleep in the same room.



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“Rose currently lives in a nice two bedroom home, where the second bedroom had been converted into her “Instagram photoshoot room” where she takes her pictures and stuff.”

When she confronted the mum, she revealed: “Rose laughed at me, and said that Daisy would sleep in her and her husband’s room forever because the second bedroom is reserved for HER Instagram room.”

She brought up that Daisy would need her own room as she gets older and needs privacy.

But the mum said that couldn’t happy as that would mean her Instagram career would be over and that she should mind her own business.

She asked Reddit users if she overstepped her place, but many agreed it was wrong.

One wrote: “While it might be appropriate for Daisy to sleep in the parents room as a young child, that cannot last forever, especially if another baby is going to be in the mix. Being forced to wake up because the baby is crying at night will do damage to Daisy.”

Another added: “Daisy deserves privacy, you did the right thing.”

A third penned: “While I think it’s perfectly fine to co-sleep, even with older children (I co-sleep with my 5yo, she has her own room but prefers to sleep with me), sooner og later the girl is going to want her own room and her own bed.”

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