A WOMAN has told how she caught her petty neighbour settling a score on their shared driveway with her doorbell cam.

Meg B, 38, was left furious after arriving home to see the front of her home smothered in leaves.

The nightmare neighbour decided to blast the pile of leaves over to Meg’s side of the shared drivewayTIKTOK

TIKTOKThe furious 38-year-old caught the woman red-handed on her doorbell camera[/caption]

The fallen leaves were previously neatly piled up in the middle of the driveway that she shares with the woman next door.

But after the super-sleuth checked the footage from her doorbell camera, she realised it wasn’t the wind that had blew the debris across.

Meg could hardly believe her eyes as she watched the woman arm herself with a huge leaf blower in broad daylight.

She can be seen casually approaching the lengthy pile after getting rid of some leaves surrounding her silver car.



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The “nightmare neighbour” then proceeds to brazenly blast the entire heap onto Meg’s side of the driveway.

She even stops to assess the damage before moving out of sight of the doorbell camera.

A horrified Meg, from Oklahoma, shared the footage on TikTok to see what social media users thought.

She captioned the clip: “When your neighbour decides to be petty with the shared driveway.”

TikTokers were left in disbelief by the woman’s bold antics, joking the wind may eventually blow them back to her drive anyway.

And other sympathetic users were left wondering why she hadn’t simply blown them into a pile and disposed of them instead.

We previously told how one man called out his neighbor after he trimmed only half of their shared hedge to be “petty”.

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And this woman got revenge on her noisy neighbours by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

She set up an early morning alarm to ring out in the bedroom that attaches to their property to wake them up.

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