CHARLES Anderson has gone back to his life in the Dales after his first awkward encounter with Naomi.

But next week in Emmerdale, Manpreet Sharma finds out the vicar’s son Ethan is in touch with his long-lost sister.

ITVManpreet Sharma is at Café Main Street when she overhears an interesting conversation[/caption]

ITVMarcus Dean accidentally reveals Ethan Anderson is in touch with his long-lost sister Naomi[/caption]

ITVNaomi recently rejected her father Charles Anderson[/caption]

The village GP played by Rebecca Sarker is at Café Main Street when she overhears a conversation Marcus Dean is having over the phone.

She’s within earshot when the son of serial killer Pierce Harris accidentally lets it slip that Ethan (portrayed by Emile John) is meeting up with Naomi, despite her rejecting their father in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap.

Manpreet interrupts Marcus mid-conversation – but will she push him to repeat what’s been said once Charles returns?

ITV may know Charles (Kevin Mathurin) went to great lengths to find the daughter he never knew he had, played by Karene Peter.

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However, their first meeting went south quickly when the village vicar stepped in between her and her manager, which led to an unruly pub brawl.

Charles ended up in the nick after Naomi turned her back on him.

She eventually showed up in the Dales after he had left her an emotional voicemail, telling her how desperate he was to form a bond with her.

Sadly, she wasn’t interested in getting to know her father or brother – Naomi only wanted compensation from Charles after she confessed she’d lost her job following his altercation with her boss.

Charles transferred money onto her account and, as she made her way out of the village, Ethan tried to convince her sister to give their father a chance.

Ruthless, Naomi refused and took the first bus she could out of Emmerdale.


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Since then, Charles has tried to hide how upset he is and there could be a rift forming within his family as he finds out his son is in contact with his half-sister.

Could the solicitor be fighting his father’s corner and trying to convince Naomi to reconcile with him?

How will Marcus react once he’s caught?

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What will Charles do?

Tune in to ITV to find out as Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm.

ITVCharles went to great lengths to try and find Naomi – but she wanted nothing to do with him[/caption]

ITVHow will he react to Ethan still being in touch with her?[/caption]

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