WHETHER it’s for a sexy night in, to wear to a big event or even just to throw on day-to-day hidden under a work shirt – the best lingerie should always make you look AND feel good.

But choosing the right underwear to flatter our body shape and make us feel great can be really difficult.

GettyThe best lingerie should make you look – but above all feel – good when you’re wearing it[/caption]

According to research, around 80 per cent of women wear the wrong size bra – causing discomfort and at the very worst, health repercussions.

Here, founder of body positivity lingerie company Liberty & Love, Beth Kates, shares her dos and don’ts when it comes to buying and wearing lingerie, to ensure you always look and feel fabulous…

Ill-fitting issues

There are a few main mistakes Beth sees women make when it comes to choosing lingerie they will feel good in, and ill-fitting undies are a big problem.

Beth says: “Women may go for cheaper lingerie that doesn’t fit them or support them properly and if it doesn’t support them properly, they are not going to feel good in it.



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“Sometimes women can go for more skimpy things like G strings, and they are not always that flattering. 

“I go through this with clients on a one-to-one consultation, as so many women do not have a clue as to what to choose and what suits their shape.”

While it’s all about choosing a style that makes you feel great, there are some items that will look better on smaller or bigger busts.

Beth says: “The best style for bigger busts is a bra with wide straps at the top because it’s more supportive.

GettyWhatever style you go for, when it comes to lingerie the most important thing is you feel fabulous while wearing it[/caption]

“The worst ones are the ones with any padding in, because it just pushes you up and out. 

“Almost the opposite is the same as the smaller bust. If you’ve got small bust you need some padding so a plunge style would be best for you.

“The worst style would be a balconette style, because it just cuts straight across and doesn’t give you any shape.”

Finding a flattering fit

The key to finding flattering lingerie and feeling good about your body, regardless of clothing size, is to accentuate your favourite parts.

Beth says: “It’s all about finding the parts of your body that you feel good about and accentuating these – and using the underwear to hold you in and flatter bits of you that you don’t particularly like.

“You can always look and feel utterly fantastic however, no matter what shape you are – and so you should!

“You really must get measured if you feel that your bra isn’t fitting you correctly, or after a big change like weight gain, dropping a dress size, after having your baby and stopping breastfeeding.”

GettyIt’s important to ensure you’re wearing the right size bra[/caption]

Shape of you

Another really popular undergarment is shapewear, which is predominantly designed to shape and smooth our figures under tight-fitting outfits.

Beth says: “If shape wear makes you feel good, then wear it.

“I think they’re a good thing if you want to slimline your silhouette under a particular special dress, but they’re also very difficult to get on and off. 

“When people put on shapewear wrong they’ve got it so it cuts as a normal pant and they’re wearing it underneath a tight dress or tight jumpsuit.

“You can see the line of the shape wear and then the thigh comes out from that – that’s not a good look.

“I think the more expensive shapewear versions are better because they tend to be made of more versatile materials and slightly more supportive.

“Shapewear says to me you are not entirely comfortable with yourself… However almost everyone uses it.”

GettyShapewear can help us feel confident but it’s important to ensure it fits correctly and isn’t too tight, which can be uncomfortable[/caption]

Be careful with your delicates

Additionally, have you ever thought about the technique you use to put your bra on?

Beth says: “The best way is to put your arms through the straps and do the bra up round the back.

“If you are turning it around you are twisting the material, the underwire can get damaged.

“Even the delicate breast tissue can get damaged when you are turning it around, so that’s not good for you.”

Self love

Finally, Beth advises above all that you make sure you choose lingerie you love, and that you love yourself in.

Beth says: “Underwear is often marketed towards what women should be wearing to please men – and that’s wrong. We need to be focusing on what is right for our own bodies.

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“I am 51 and still want to look the best I can – even when on the school run!

“I want underwear that empowers me to be sexy everyday, to feel good if I’m going to sleep, going to the boardroom or going on a dog walk.”

GettyLingerie should be empowering[/caption]

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