A GARDENING whizz has revealed how to keep your lawn free from dry patches without a single drop of water.

With summer now in full force, many will find their gardens full of yellow and brown patches.

GettyA gardening expert revealed three easy ways to keep your lawn hydrated during the hosepipe ban[/caption]

However, with a hosepipe ban already in place for some Southern Water customers as of August 5, gardeners are urged to cut down their water usage to avoid a widespread ban.

Luckily, The Express reported, there are three easy ways to keep your lawn looking lush and hydrated without wasting water.

Gardening expert Laura Schwarze from outdoor furniture specialists, Luxury Rattan said: “While it’s important that we all play our part to preserve water, there are some easy ways we can help care for our lawns without wasting water.”

Keep your lawn clear

Although keeping your lawn looking green and healthy during a hosepipe ban might seem challenging, removing items that sit on the surface of the grass can certainly help.

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Laura said: “To prevent brown patches on your lawn, place your garden furniture on a patio, decking or artificial grass to help keep your lawn free.

“If this isn’t an option, make sure to rotate your garden furniture regularly to help prevent damage to your lawn.”

In order to stop existing yellow or brown patches from becoming worse, gardeners can apply fertiliser – this will help the damaged parts of your lawn recover.

According to the whizz, by keeping the grass clear, the green blades should be restored in just a couple of weeks.

Empty water butts

Another easy way to ensure your lawn still gets the hydration it needs is saving water around the house.

Laura said that now is an ”ideal time” to use up any rainwater that’s been collected in a water butt.

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If you don’t have any existing water saved up, no need to panic – you can make better use of the water used around the house too, the expert explained.

“While you wait for your shower to heat up, position a bucket directly under the shower head to collect any unused water.

“You can then transfer this into a watering can to attend to any particularly dry patches on your lawn.”

Another option is saving water from cooking – but it’s worth reminding that you should allow time for the water to cool down before transferring to a water can.

Avoid mowing

With many are now using less water, it might be tempting to prune the grass to keep it looking neat and as presentable as possible.

But although mowing is certainly not banned during a period of heat, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing it, Laura said.

According to her, it’s essential to keep the height of your lawn higher – this will avoid weakening the grass.

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“Typically grass will grow more slowly in a drought, so you may not have to mow as often.

“If you do find your lawn is looking particularly long, you can mow it but make sure to not cut more than a third off the length as longer grass blades help to shade the soil, reducing heat damage.”

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